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Zephyr Teachout Challenges Billionaire Right-Wing Donors to Debate


Zephyr Teachout Challenges Billionaire Right-Wing Donors to Debate

New York congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout is throwing down the gauntlet to right-wing money men who want to buy elections in secret.

Teachout, who won the Democratic primary for New York's 19th district in June, this week challenged hedge fund billionaires Paul Singer and Robert Mercer to a debate in light of their contributions to a super PAC that supports her Republican opponent, John Faso.


Good for you Sephyr, expose and challenge all these billionaires that are financing our politicians and creating fascism in place of democracy.


This is what a progressive candidate and leader looks like.


Paul "the vulture" Singer must be one of the most despicable inhuman beings ever. How many poor people and even whole countries (like Argentina) has he ruined for his own personal gain? This is not democracy.


It certainly is and it's too bad that Hillary sounds more like Singer and Mercer then she does like Teachout.


I hear a wave breaking at the the-not-so-distant horizon - of a grounded courage and recognition that if we do not set course and make the journey to that horizon, we will never see the sunrise of a new day.
Zephyr Teachout - elegant clear intelligent beauty - and on the money in every sense of the term (in every sense of 'term').


Vote ALL incumbents out in 2016.


That's a tough district for any Democrat to win in, progressive or centrist. But maybe she can pull it off.


Faso's certainly looking scared. Open Secrets reports he's so far spent almost all of his funds raised, more than twice what Teachout has and more than twice the half-mil from this donor. But I think that total includes the primary, and maybe that was a bigger fight for him. I'll be watching.


It gets more dicey if billionaires do what I consider the right thing. I for one am immensely grateful that Tom Steyer is pouring money into climate action which I consider a survival issue.


I hear and feel a wave, too. But I hear and feel it building, not quite yet to its full height and energy but building still, to a crest that will soon come crashing forth as the people cry out "we have had enough of war, economic and social opression and oligarchic/government corruption". Look out to the horizon and see it coming. Like a surfer just off shore waiting, be patient, for it is coming!


Great variation on the theme. Wax 'em up!


Why is this flagged?


Clever! May we hear more!


Way to go Zephyr. Don't worry, the pussy rich kids will never debate her.


Zephyr Teachout has a lot of guts. It is crucial that we get candidates like her elected all over the country. This really is where we are going to get our revolution -- by building from the ground up and doing what we can to get progressives, greens, whoever elected.


As a resident of NY-19, I agree although the redistricted lines for 19 should make it easier for Democrats than the old 20 represented by Kirsten Gillibrand. Our retiring Republican, Chris Gibson, tended to be less reactionary than most of his party. As for Singer butting in, I suspect he owns some of the beautiful land up this way, a horse farm or two.

Zephyr did well here in her Green Party run for governor altho some of that support was simply anti-Cuomo. He remains unpopular here for the tough gun control act he pushed through after Newtown. In November Zephyr will not benefit from such anti-Cuomo sentiment.

At any rate, she is terrific and I'm sending her a donation.


while I dislike that she's chosen Democrats, Teachout's special, and this idea is a brilliant pr stunt. I hope more candidates opt for this kind of move, because she's right: it's the money that we're ultimately electing, not the bagman for that money. So let's see what theystand for, since that's what their employees will be pursuing.
Clever move.


What about the LEFT WING billionaires..? Do they get a free pass?


Nobody gets a free pass from me. All are judged by their behavior.