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Zephyr Teachout Outstrips Fundraising Efforts of NY Congressional Dems


Zephyr Teachout Outstrips Fundraising Efforts of NY Congressional Dems

Nika Knight, staff writer

Populist candidate Zephyr Teachout has entirely outstripped all other Democratic congressional candidates in New York in 2016 in fundraising, bringing in over half a million dollars mostly from small individual donations, according to her campaign's most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.


Between Internet technology and the precedent set by the Sanders’ campaign, the path is paved for other GENUINELY Progressive candidates to surf into office on small campaign donations from lots of good people… those who give a damn about the state of this nation.


We need a parallel track of reporting on the up and coming local candidates like Zephyr Teachout.

All right all of you honorable citizens out there who are fed up with the corruption and have been contemplating a term of public service. There is no time like the present.

Look at Kshama Sawant and how readily Seattle embraced and hoisted her to the Congressional seat. igniting the $15 fight nationwide! Nobody thought it could happen. Now look at the quality of colleagues emerging from the grass roots integrity of peoples yearning to LIVE the strength of that integrity. This is what beauty and strength of democracy look like!


Although a Congressional seat would be fantastic, Sawant is currently a Seattle City Council member who has inspired other progressives at the Congressional level.


Many CD posters’ have frequently reminded naysayers who claim that “even if Bernie was President he would not have Congressional progressives to advance a populist, progressive agenda” that the further Bernie advances toward the White House, the more progressives will advance in Congressional races.

This article and the PA fracking article on CD today confirm that this is already happening with John Fetterman in PA and Zephyr Teachout in NY.


Thank you for the correction. The scope of the strength of her service keeps elevating my perceptions of her.


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Well, I hope that Zephyr has a better shot at her nomination than Fetterman has at his. I’ll vote for Fetterman tomorrow, but I have no illusions of him winning.


It is going to be tough to win running as a Democrat in Dutchess County, NY. But if she wins the primary maybe this will be one of those elections when Democrats get swept into office. Some people are predicting a Republican disaster if Trump is the Republican nominee so maybe she will be in the House of Representatives next January.


Wow!! Sounds like this is turning out to be an interesting thing to watch! Teachout sounds like a good person!!


Zephyr is raising a lot of money. But the surprising thing is she is running second to Will Yandik in money raised within the district. Hollywood loves her, law school professors across the country love her but locally, it’s Yandik that people want elected. His grasp of local issues is refreshing and he is committed long term. Teachout is trying to appeal for local votes by saying she is in favor of public transportation. That’s a nice progressive thing to be in favor of but when locals see that they get a different message. She doesn’t get it. The 19th is one of the most closely divided districts in the country and what’s needed is someone who can beat a Republican. Yandik got the most votes in a town board election in his heavily GOP home town because everyone thinks he’s smart and understands what’s happening. Teachout may have much bigger national support but on June 28th she is going to have a tough day.