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'Zero Tolerance' in Our Struggling Schools Makes Zero Sense


'Zero Tolerance' in Our Struggling Schools Makes Zero Sense

Robert C. Koehler

“As I walked down the hall, one of the police officers employed in the school noticed I did not have my identification badge with me.”

The speaker is testifying before the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. He was a high school freshman at the time. Ah, school days!

“Before I could explain why I did not have my badge,” he went on, “I was escorted to the office and suspended for an entire week. I had to leave the school premises immediately.”

It gets better.


Its all about selection, secret ways of removing large numbers of people from the workforce by various ways (look at how Obama care is structured, for example) to make the economy look less like its shrinking. Every year they can delay the need to officially recognize the 21st century is upon us, is an extra many trillions of dollars in their pockets.


At my nine year olds school two little boys were suspended for pretending a stick was a gun. Another little girl was suspended for having a plastic knife in her lunch to spread her peanut butter. Police were called in both cases…perps were age 8 and 9. When I was in school teacher used to borrow my pocket knife. The government has gone insane with power.


We are but chattel cattle in the eyes of the state.


Chatty cattle,

Surveillance by contractor firms is probably paid by voilume


“Of course I’m insane with power. Have you ever tried going insane without power? - Nobody listens to you!” paraphrasing a character from the Simpsons movie. Sorry, just gallows humor.