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Zika and the Olympics


Zika and the Olympics

Gwynne Dyer

In the past, the only excuse for cancelling the Olympic Games has been a world war (Berlin 1916, Tokyo 1940, London 1944). But if this year’s Games had been scheduled for somewhere in West Africa two years ago, when the Ebola outbreak was nearing its peak, they would certainly have been called off. So should the Olympic Games scheduled to begin in Rio de Janeiro on 5 August be cancelled, moved or postponed?


So typical of this money motivated world to choose to go ahead with the Olympics in spite of the fact that millions will be exposed or infected by the virus. What a shame that those in charge would prefer to go ahead because of the money that would be lost and not care about the babies that will be born with disabilities. No wonder the world is in the condition it's in.


How many times must corporate malfeasance show itself before writers like Mr. Dyer question The Narrative?

How many thinking persons really believe that Bin Laden, a man who suffered from Kidney disease, was truly apprehended in a cave 10 years after 911?

How many thinking persons still believe the Official Narrative about 19 foreign hijackers (funded by Bin Laden) given things like the FACT that buildings don't just fall into their own footprint, burn for weeks after, or leave negligible damage (Pentagon), etc.

How many people don't recognize the FACT that Zika has been around for decades but only suddenly has the Microcephaly phenomenon turned up in Brazil? And Brazil was Ground Zero for experimenting with a new Monsanto-derivative intended to sterilize male mosquitoes. Poured into public waterways, the same ones that supplied water to the households of pregnant women, THAT connection has been purposely retained UNDER the radar.

There is a vast suppression of truth in the Western world.

Any narrative that doesn't paint Putin as the substantive aggressor in Ukraine, or Bin Laden as the author if 911, or vaccines as perfectly safe, or genetically modified "food" as proven safe, or the U.S. economy as recovering, etc. are mocked, treated as gibberish/conspiracy theory, or kept under cloak of deafening silence.

Those who launch wars of aggression, preside over economies where wealth is being engineered to the top of the financial food chain, close public schools, stand back as police murder Black kids in broad daylight, pretend water systems aren't unfit to drink... hardly can be trusted with defining the nation's narratives.

Zika is the cover story for a COVER UP!


It's more likely in the condition it's in because people like you so readily believe in lies told often.

How is it that Zika exists in other countries where no birth defects show up?

Also, since a few entities are in a position to determine if the games go on, or not, painting with a singular brush stroke that insists that ALL persons put profit before public health is another canard.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Zika "has been linked to a huge increase in the number of cases of microcephaly" is a claim that really needs to be scrutinized.

We have very similar brain birth defects in the Yakima Valley in Washington state, where enormous amounts of pesticides are dumped. Why is there no media coverage of that health disaster?

When you learn about how Brazil permits - possibly encourages, with the help of industry bribes of public officials - the dumping of pesticides banned elsewhere in the world, it is astonishing how we overlook, minimize, & dismiss the potential role of the pesticide cocktail in the water, air, & food in Brazil.

To acknowledge the role of pesticides in microcephaly outbreaks would mean revenue decreases for the pesticide industry, while promoting "a link" between Zika & microcephaly would mean revenue increases for the pharmaceutical industry. The tail seems to be wagging the dog here. And fear is a potent driver. Fear of contracting a virus is more immediate than fear of pesticide build-ups in human tissues & in the environment.

Meanwhile, poor people who live in these easily exploitable regions of the world, like Brazil, are the losers in this discussion.