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Zika is a Reproductive Rights Issue


Zika is a Reproductive Rights Issue

Nathalie Baptiste

The mosquito-borne Zika virus, which is becoming a burgeoning public health issue in 26 countries in the Latin American region, has been making international headlines for weeks. The symptoms of Zika are mild: They include joint pain, fever, rash, and red eyes, and should only last a few days — unless you’re pregnant.


Women's reproductive health and birth control access are ALWAYS important and never more so than in nations controlled by patriarchal entities which range from The Vatican to The Taliban.

But this is also very important and DANGEROUS. Again, it's Monsanto at work:


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The gene-bending formulas that Monsanto's subsidiary came up with are genetically altering those Brazilian babies. This documentary shows that Zika is omnipresent in South America but the deformities are happening close to waterways TAINTED by this latest genetic engineering MONSTROSITY.

How DARE men (it usually is men) with 6 years of lab training think they can design nature better than the Great Mother can or has? THAT is the problem!