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Zinke and Lamar Alexander's Big Plan? We Must Kill the Planet to Save the National Parks

Zinke and Lamar Alexander's Big Plan? We Must Kill the Planet to Save the National Parks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke joined with U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) to argue that the best way to fix the national parks is by pillaging public lands for fossil fuels.

Hey Teddy, time to get out your big stick and give these two et al. a good thrashing. They are holding your legacy hostage.


Austerity from sea to shining sea.

And most of the US public still hasn’t figured out the fucking scam. Most can’t, or won’t wrap their heads around the difference between billions and trillions.

If they did, they would realize just how bad this scam truly is. Billions can’t be funded for the enjoyment of the little people, meanwhile trillions and trillions and trillions can be budgeted on top of debt for the benefit of war pig profiteers, bankers and the rest of the scum of that make up the corporate governance class.

I’m not dumping on the masses of the US entirely, because of the reality of manufactured consent, et al.

But sometimes, it just gets so clucking infuriating, the level of willful ignorance since so much of the hoodwink can be pierced with quite rudimentary logic, conviction that objective truth can be had, and a dash of curiosity.


Seriously, I apologize for any personal hurt regarding our differences. Hope your cats are well.

I would like to see him pose with a real and hungry bear behind him.


Chicken, I think this is a good definition of stupidity.

My first thought as well. Posing with a dead bear, however, is ironically prophetic.

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Overpopulation plus wealth and power concentration, a deadly combination.

Arm bears.


Another scheme that will continue to exacerbate defunding national parks and other wild areas that began with Ronny “if you have seen one tree you have seen them all” Raygun.


The picture with Zinke with his hat on backwards is the PERFECT metaphor for him and those in charge of this and other agencies.
Too bad the bear next to him is stuffed…imagine the fun that bear would have chasing him around, backwards-facing hat, and all…

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Wonderful photo. It just screams, “Trust us with your children’s future, we’ll eat them,” which in climate change terms isn’t that far from the truth.