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Zip It, Proud Families: Cheering Your Kids' Achievements While Black Is Mississippi's Newest Crime Against Humanity


Zip It, Proud Families: Cheering Your Kids' Achievements While Black Is Mississippi's Newest Crime Against Humanity

Here in our fine post-racial land, Mississippi police ejected and later issued arrest warrants to four uppity family members who cheered for their offspring at a high school graduation ceremony though they were asked to hold their joyful applause till the end. The alleged perpetrators, dubbed the Senatobia Four, were charged with "disturbing the peace" for celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime, hard-won victory for their kids. Oh, did we mention they were black? Amidst appalling racist responses about these "savage" supportive families: "If they don’t stop these lawbreakers now...it could escalate into full-on standing ovations."


Wow! I’m sure glad John Roberts cleared this whole thing up by informing us (from the halls of privilege) that racism is no longer a problem in the US. Otherwise, I might think this is a racist nation.


Phew, good thing he did say that…so we can all stay calm now. LOL


Mississippi rhymes with Anus Mundi.


Myself as well.


There are good reasons for the policy of witholding applause, cheers, or other loud and noisy demonstrations of pride during a high school graduation:

  1. If one does it, then everybody will feel empowered to do so.
  2. It leads to a “see if you can top this demonstration of exuberance” attitude where each successive demonstration becomes louder and longer than the last one.
  3. Since most schools both publish and announce at the event their desire that all attendees withhold applause and other such demonstrations until the conclusion of the activity, it sets a terrible example when the adults or other youth flagrantly violate the rules set for everybody at such a solemn occasion.
  4. Many, if not most, of the graduates are more embarrassed than honored by such misbehavior on the part of their family members.
    I don’t know whether Abby Zimit has any children and if so whether she has ever attended a high school graduation function. When I attended my son’s high school graduation 13 years ago that sort of thing went on and it was tolerated by those in charge despite their repeated requests that attendees refrain from defying their rules for the occasion…
    That night things came to a head when a frustrated parent got up and turned around to ask some particularly loud demonstrators to stop disrupting the occasion. The big mouths ended up starting a fight and attempts to break up the disruption by others caused the fight to grow in size (both the original protagonists and victims in this case were African American by the way) and started to look like it would grow into a full-fledged riot.
    At that point a squad of police came (integrated with white, black, male and female officers I might add), broke up the melee, restored order, and arrested or detained for questioning nearly two dozen people. All because some privileged loud mouths thought the rules that were clearly set and repeatedly announced for everybody did not apply to them. That was 13 years ago. I have a granddaughter who will be graduating high school in about 6 more years. I do not look forward to attending her graduation.


Ask yourself this Poet: would they have been arrested if they were white? And would you still approve? Expulsion from the ceremony okay- arresting the parents for this is racist not to mention insane. But then racism is a form of insanity!


Poet, get another name to post with - like maybe “Fascist.” Come on, it was a high school graduation. Maybe a little “joyful noise” is called for!


Actually there were whites and African Americans arrested or detained for questioning . Had you more carefully read my post you would have seen that I said “the original victims and protagonists were African Americans”. As the fighting spread many who were drawn into the melee was the result of well intentioned bystanders trying to restore some sort of order. The school at that time was about 50/50 Caucasian/African American in its make up and so was the crowd.
Whether the arrests were “insane” or “racist” neither you nor I nor Abby Zimit know for sure because none of us were there to witness what went down. I am giving you my eyewitness account of a similar incident involving a high school graduation and what I concluded from the episode.