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'Zuckerberg Must Resign Now': Outrage After Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages


'Zuckerberg Must Resign Now': Outrage After Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just hours after civil rights groups called on Facebook's top executives to step down from the company's board for allowing"viral propaganda" and "bigoted campaigns" to spread on the platform, demands for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to resign intensified after a bombshell New York Times


Yet another shallow snot-nose punk, arrogant and impressed at his own wealth created in large part by victimizing millions - individuals used as profit-generators with zero regard for their security, individuality, or person-hood, their trust and private information used, and abused, with utter contempt! The perpetrator should by rights be prosecuted to the fullest extent, and both personally and organizationally forced to divest and return billions to users made by victimizing them and their families!

Some serious time in the slammer might hopefully instill at least a modicum of humility in the contemptible spoiled brat - he can share the experience with the trump crime family organization!

This “social media platform” should be publicly owned/operated and perhaps broken-up as a non-profit or to benefit charity, if indeed it should be allowed to exist at all!


You’ve heard of the ‘hazing’ and other frat boy practices- heck, even presidents walk the gauntlet with $#!t like hyper-secret skull and bones. Z These are profoundly aberrant constructs. Note: they DO NOT rise to the criteria of a ‘paradigm’. They exist because of a religion/cult of me first magical thinking-no consequences that is literally thousands of years old. Entire family legacies tout how far back their ‘privileges’ (etymological: privi - legum / first BEFORE the law). This IS capitalism in 2018. It is systemic


To put an end to this usury one must stop allowing oneself to be abused–quit, boycott Facebook.


Here is a listing of 19 options. I’d imagine that all one need do is mass-mail all of one’s ‘followers’ on FB and provide the new locus of communication and encourage other to do the same by providing them with the three easy steps to a better option to express non-acceptance of Zuckerberg’s smarmy practices.


Let’s start with a 500 billion dollar fine, some lengthy prison time, then move up from there with repeated violations.
Better still - revoke corporate charters from bad actors. It’s our legal right. We’ve lost democratic freedom and rule of law to authoritarian market forces.


What Zuckerberg created in 2004 was a public version of a program named Total Information Awareness run by DARPA until Congress claimed to shut it down in 2003 because the media criticized the government for attempting to establish Total Information Awareness over all citizens.
The fact that Facebook users dump personal information into that system is a feature not a bug.


US public information policy exploited by corporations must be reversed from: “Opt Out” to “Opt In”. And, you get $$$$ to “Opt In”. Or corporations “go to jail”.


Did zuckerburg sell Facebook to Russia? Sounds like it.


More and more glad I never did Facebook.


“Facebook is a public trust” ?

Reality check…Facebook is a corporation maximizing shareholder value like all other corporations do.


Never did FB never will. Why would you feed a parasite? There are alternatives:


I already know Facebook is horrendous. I want to know what the hell Netflix is doing reading any private messages. I’ve been a subscriber of theirs for a very long time - not happy about hearing this.


So boycott:

  • FB
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Netflix


Zuckerberg began all this by hacking Harvard servers to get photos of students for his program. He was almost expelled it. This beginning probably should be seen as sign of bad things to come. The idea of connecting everyone on one network was stupid as it allowed the “bad guys” to have access to the world and now we see revelation after revelation that Facebook deceives people on a massive scale. I know that many people can’t seem to do without out Facebook but doesn’t at some point a line have to be drawn?


How about this? Just don’t use Facebook.

And then use that time to think about habitat overshoot, climate change and overpopulation.


Once you become a billionaire, you must feel you are above the law and in this country, you are. White collar crime? Unless you rip off big investors like Madoff did, there is a extremely slim chance you’ll spend any time in jail. Like a true traitor, Zuckerberg knowingly allowed the Russians to interfere with our election. But he’s rich and white and won’t have to worry about jail time. Any fines imposed, even if they are in the millions, are easily affordable.


Unfortunately many of the ‘options’ on this list are owned by FB, Google and Yahoo. They all data mine. Your info is for sale. It is the business model.


It is not so easy to get off of Facebook… I did it years ago but had to fight them for a long time. Most everyone I know shrugs away the evil, it is not that they don’t know about it but that everybody they know keeps in touch that way. Very evil stuff.


So now I’m beginning to understand why every time I spouted off on f/b I was blocked and not allowed back in :-))) Kinda makes me happy and smiley :-))) Lock that sucker up and throw away the key!