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Gen-X hippie/punk who leans socialist/anarchist. I’m an Atheist who wishes we could reincarnate (although I’m not sure we’ll have an environment to reincarnate too for very long - sadly).
I’ve accrued over 10 years of college time and hold two degrees, both in computer science. I also am a few credits shy of the requirements for an A.A. in paralegal studies as well; I initially wanted to work for a public-defender’s office ( I still would love to).

Economic and Criminal Justice are core issues for me.
In my spare time, I like to game and watch both futbol and football. I also like to code. I love web development and I’m further enhancing my skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I’m currently unemployed, thus I’m working on side projects for the time being. (Will work for food /grin) - No seriously, I need work!

P.S. My son is also in college working towards a comp. sci. degree :desktop_computer:

P.P.S. Try as I might, Common Dreams seems unable to grab my Gravatar even though the email address is correct and I do have images uploaded. The Gravatar works fine at other websites. Anyone else have the problem and a solution?